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      Connect with top trainers, improve your nutrition, and practice mindfulness exercises with GoZone+, a fitness app for the whole family.

      GoZone+ is a holistic wellness app that features on-demand exercise classes for both adults and kids, as well as nutrition guidance from top nutritionists and mindfulness exercises from experienced experts. At GoZone+, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. Instead, we take your current activity level, your available time, and your individual goals into account, and then craft a program that’s tailored just for you. We’ve got workouts that are perfect for people with no fitness experience, exercises that will challenge serious athletes, and everything in between.

      Whether you want to shed pounds, build muscle, improve endurance, eat healthier, or just unwind after a busy day at work, GoZone+ can help you make it happen.

      The GoZone+ app features four main categories of content:

      1. Exercise: First and foremost, we’re a fitness app, with everything from 30-min long classes to quick workout snacks that can be accomplished in under a minute. With instruction given by some of North America’s best personal trainers, our fitness classes and snacks are second to none. Let us create a program for you, create your own playlist of your favorite workouts, or just perform a random workout snack whenever you have some downtime. At GoZone+, we believe that every movement is good movement.

      1. Nutrition: Of course, exercise requires the right fuel, and too much of the wrong fuel can hold you back. With our nutrition section, you’ll have super healthy, chef-quality recipes at your fingertips. We’ll make sure you have the right amount of energy to work out, without providing the excess energy that can turn into fat. These recipes also contain the nutrients to help recover from a tough workout, aid digestive health, and boost your immune system.

      1. Wellness: Because fitness is just as much a mental game as a physical one, GoZone+ offers mindfulness exercises that can help you get in the right frame of mind for the task at hand. Focus on a challenging new workout, or relax while you cool down. Let the stress float away, or calm yourself before bed. When your mind and body are on the same page, almost any fitness goal can be within reach.

      1. Kids Zone: Healthy habits start at a young age. In the Kids Zone, you’ll find fun and engaging workouts that will help teach your child to love movement. Some of these segments are designed just for kids, others are for kids and adults to perform together. This means you don’t have to let watching your kid stand in the way of improving your health. Working out is now a real family activity!


      Click Here to Sign-Up &
      Receive Your 14-Day Free Trial!